Parents, are you ready for a helping hand? Are you always trying to bring out the best in your children but often feel like there’s just too much on your plate? Don’t fret! Kid Balanced Karate is that trusted friend who knows how you feel and we’re here to help!

KBK is the premier manners and character development program for today’s young children. With proven methods of learning through play to develop physical and emotional skills, positive reinforcement, and decades of experience we provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where children learn imperative life skills in an age appropriate way. All while laughing to their heart’s content

And the cherry on top… KBK comes to you! That’s right, no extra miles to drive or juice boxes to pack. Our classes are held at your child’s preschool or care center.
In a world that’s always changing, one constant remains. As parents, educators, or anyone caring for a child, we have the opportunity and responsibility to make lasting, positive impacts. Impacts that create a solid foundation. Let KBK work with your child to be more confident, respectful, and empowered today and for the rest of their lives.

We would like to be the first to welcome you to the Kid Balanced Karate family!

Erik & Micheala